NAVY SHIPS north americA

Here is an alphabetical overview of my spotted naval vessels from North America, include their naval flag and name of the naval branch of country.

These ships often visit major maritime events and travel around the world with new cadets/midshipmen as the ambassadors for their country.

If the country has a NATO flag in front of their naval branch, then click on it to see their current and future fleet list of this country.

ARM Cuauhtémoc - BE01

training ship

in service 1982 - flag; Mexico

photo taken in Amsterdam (NLD)

July 02, 2016

Armada de México

HMCS Montréal - FFH336


in service 1994 - flag; Canada  

photo taken in Antwerp (BEL)

November 06, 2017

Royal Canadian Navy

USS Hué City - CG66

guided missile cruiser

in service 1991 - flag; United States 

photo taken in Rotterdam (NLD)

February 04, 2017

United States Navy

USS Ross - DDG71

guided missile destroyer

in service 1997 - flag; United States  

photo taken in Rotterdam (NLD)

July 19, 2017

United States Navy