Navy ships NATO

Here is an overview of my photographed NATO naval vessels.

Unfortunately, I do not have photos of all NATO Member States, but from those countries that I have taken pictures, you can still get additional information about the equipment by clicking on the country name.

Click on every photo to enlarge it.

Belgium - Marinecomponent / Composante-marine

Denmark - Søværnet 

Estonia - Eesti Merevägi 

France - Marine Nationale

Germany - Deutsche Marine

Italy - Marina Militare

Latvia - Latvijas Jūras Spēki 

Norway - Sjøforsvaret

Poland - Polski Marynarki Wojennej 

Portugal - Marinha Portuguesa 

Romania - Forţele Navale Române

Spain - La Armada de España

United Kingdom - U.K.Royal Navy

United States - US Navy

The other NATO countries are; Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Greece, Lithuania, Montenegro and Turkye.

Countries without warships, but only operate with coast guard vessels are Albania, Iceland and Slovenia .