navy ships nato

Here is an overview of all NATO countries with a navy unit, include their naval flag and name of the naval branch.

Countries like Albania, Iceland and Slovenia operate with Coast Guard ships and are not included in the list.

Unfortunately, I do not yet have naval ships in my collection from all NATO country, but by selecting your country,

you can already their current and future fleet. Pictures with a black frame are ships that have already been decommissioned.

My home land Netherlands is marked in a separate tab.

Belgium - Marine Component België

BulgariaVoennomorski sili na Republika Bǎlgariya

Canada - Royal Canadian Navy

Croatia - Hrvatska Ratna Mornarica

Denmark - Søværnet 

EstoniaEesti Merevägi 

France - Marine Nationale

Germany - Deutsche Marine

GreeceΠολεμικό Ναυτικό

Italy - Marina Militare

Latvia - Latvijas Jūras Spēki

LithuaniaLietuvos Jūrų Pajėgos

MontenegroMornarica Vojske Crne Gore

Norway - Sjøforsvaret

Poland - Polska Marynarka Wojenna

Portugal - Marinha Portuguesa 

Romania - Forţele Navale Române

Spain - Armada Española

TurkyeTürk Donanması

United Kingdom - UK Royal Navy