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Photo taken on August 30, 2017 aboard Costa Magica
Photo taken on August 30, 2017 aboard Costa Magica

My name is Rian van Dongen, born in Schiedam, near Rotterdam. I lived in Antwerp from March 2003 till June 2015,

but later moving back to Rotterdam, because I missed all the activity of the biggest port of the world.


This passion starts in april 2014 with the departure of cruise ship "Balmoral" in the Belgian port of Antwerp. 

From January 2015 the collection is further enhanced with all types of navy ships .


The basis of this website is to provide information about port visits of cruise ships  and navy ships

in the port of Rotterdam, other Dutch seaports and the port of Antwerp in Belgium.

Here you find the cruise lines, including fleet list and added with my photographed cruise ships.

An overview of all NATO members listed by country, including fleet list and added with my photographed navy ships

and my photographed naval vessels from all of the world listed by continent/country, but without fleet list. 

Naval vessels are sometimes difficult to photograph, so my apologies if the picture is not always of good quality.

A last update does not always means a new photo, but also adjustments of new information.

All the pictures of this website can be enlarged by clicking on it.


My collection of photographed ships from all over the world now consists of;

- 71 cruise ships of 26 cruise compagnies.

- 5 photo reports on board of cruise ships (AIDAprima, Costa Magica, MSC Speldida, Nautica and former ss Rotterdam).

- 100 different types of navy ships of 30 countries.


On the top of this webiste you can see my last added photo;

- HMCS Montréal (FFH336) - Royal Canadian Navy - arrival in Antwerp, Belgium - 06-11-2017

- Magellan - Cruise & Maritime Voyages - departure of Rotterdam - 11-10-2017

currently in port

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[1] = Unfortunately not yet my own photo, but still an internet image.