My name is Rian van Dongen, born on June 20, 1964 in Schiedam (Netherlands). 

From the beginning of 2003 untill June 2015 I lived in Antwerp (Belgium)but due personal reasons

I have moved back to the Netherlands and currently live in one of the largest port in the world, Rotterdam.


 This passion starts in May 2014 with the departure of a cruise ship in

the port of Antwerp. From January 2015 the collection is further enhanced with all kind of navy ships, but in the course of time some pictures of 

cruise ships and navy ships have already been replaced by better images.

Unfortunately, due to work and travel distance, it is not always possible

to take a picture of every cruise ship or navy ship.


The basis of this website is to provide information about port visits of cruise ships and navy ships 

in the port of Rotterdam and other Dutch seaports and their most relevant websites.

Here you can find an overview of my photographed cruise ships (94), selected by

cruise shipping company (32), included 6 reports on board of cruise ships.

And all my photographed naval ships (110) are selected by NATO member state (18) and

 the remaining countries (14) selected by continent (3).

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.



Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines

berth Passenger Terminal Amsterdam

ETD 10.12 @ 16.30hr


BCR Somme - A631

Marine Nationale (France)

November 17, 2018, Rotterdam

ESPS Cristóbal Colón - F105

Armada Española (Spain)

November 13, 2018, Amsterdam

HMCS Ville de Quebéc - FFH332

Royal Canadian Navy (Canada)

November 13, 2018, Amsterdam

TCG Oruçreis - F245

Türk Donanması (Turkye)

November 13, 2018, Amsterdam