My name is Rian van Dongen, born on June 20, 1964 in Schiedam, near Rotterdam (Netherlands).

I lived in Antwerp (Belgium) from March 2003 till June 2015, but later moving back to the Netherlands into Rotterdam, because I missed all the activity

of the biggest port of the world and this location is more central to be able to take pictures in Amsterdam and Antwerp.


This passion starts in May 2014 with the departure of cruise ship "Balmoral" in the Belgian port of Antwerp. From January 2015 the collection is further

enhanced with all types of navy ships, but in the course of time some pictures of cruise ships and navy ships have already been replaced by better ones.


The basis of this website is to provide information about port visits of cruise ships  and navy ships in the port of Rotterdam, port of Amsterdam and 

other Dutch seaports. There is only no information provided with related to the naval base in Den Helder or other militairy operations.

Here you will find alphabetically my photographed cruise ships, provided with concise information, included 5 reports aboard of cruise ships.

A special tab of the Royal Dutch Navy and their current and furture fleet units. All my other photographed naval vessels have  been alphabetically selected by continent of which the  NATO members are provided with a complete fleet list of their current and future ships.

Below you can see the ships today in port and my five recently added (new or improved) photos of cruise ships and  navy ships.


For any questions and comments, you can contact me .......... Click on every picture of this website to enlarged it.


My collection of photographed ships from all over the world now consists of;

- 84 cruise ships of 30 cruise compagnies

5 reports of interior photos on board of cruise ships

- 106 navy ships from 31 different countries of 5 continents


Today in port

Sorry, this moment are NO cruise ships or navy ships in port.

latest added photos

Azamara Journey

capacity 694 passengers - length 181 m -

purchased in 2007 - flag; Malta  

photo taken in Amsterdam (NLD)

June 20, 2018

Azamara Club Cruises

New photo

Celebrity Eclipse

capacity 2850 passengers - length 317 m -

in service 2010 - flag; Malta

photo taken in Amsterdam (NLD)

June 19, 2018

Celebrity Cruises

New photo

Crystal Serenity

capacity 1070 passengers - length 250 m -

in service 2003 - flag; Bahamas

photo taken in Amsterdam (NLD)

June 09, 2018

Crystal Cruises

New photo


capacity 420 passengers - length 139 m -

purchased in 2012 - flag; Malta  

photo taken in Scheveningen (NLD)

June 06, 2018

FTI Cruises

New photo

Le Boreal

capacity 264 passengers - length 142 m -

in service 2010 - flag; France

photo taken in Amsterdam (NLD)

June 04, 2018

Compagnie du Ponant

New photo