My name is Rian van Dongen, born on June 20, 1964 in Schiedam (NLD) and currently live in one of the largest port city, Rotterdam. The passion of cruise ships started at the beginning of 2014 with the departure of the cruise ship out of the port of Antwerp and one year later my photo collection is further enhanced with all kind naval vessels, but in the course of time some pictures of cruise ships and naval vessels have already been replaced by better images. Unfortunately due to work and travel distance, it is not always possible to take a picture of every cruise ship or naval vessel. The basic of this website is to provided informatian about port calls of cruise ships and naval vessels in the port of Rotterdam, Amsterdam or other Dutch seaports, their relevant websites and webcams. There will be NO information provided about activities around the naval base in Den Helder. All my photographed cruise ships are selected on 31 shipping companies and my photographed naval vessels on 17 NATO member states and 13 other countries worldwide. All Photos can be enlarged by click on it.

Today In Port

The departure times  (ETD) are specified by the port authorities.

(*) = not my own photo, but photo from internet.

My Last Added Photos

HMS Falken - S02

sailing training vessel

in service 1947 - navy; Sweden (Svenska Marinen)

photo taken in Scheveningen - May 21, 2019


capacity 1300 passengers - length 202 m -

in service 2003 - cruise line: AIDA Cruises   

photo taken in Rotterdam - May 15, 2019

Silver Cloud

capacity 296 passengers - length 157 m -

in service 1994 - cruise line; Silversea Cruises  

photo taken in Amsterdam - May 13, 2019

Norwegian Pearl

capacity 2394 passengers - length 294 m -

in service 2006 - cruise line; Norwegian Cruise Line

photo taken in Amsterdam - May 11, 2019